Design-build is a method of construction which relies on a single point of responsibility

The owner contracts with a general contractor for the performance of the design phase and the construction phase of the project. The single point of responsibility significantly reduces the owner’s risk because the general contractor is generally responsible for all work on the project.

Design-build construction also reduces the amount of time required for a construction project from project conception through completion. Traditional design-bid-build construction methods require more time because the owner must first select a project designer, usually through the bid process. The designer must completely design the project. Then the owner selects a contractor, usually through the bid process. This is very time consuming.

The design-build construction method eliminates several steps because the owner selects one contractor to design and build the project. Furthermore, because the design phase and construction phase are managed through one company frequently construction is started before the design phase is complete. Typically this significantly reduces the time required for a construction project.

Kugel Construction offers both commercial and residential design-build services. Our experience in design-build construction reduces the unnecessary cost associated with overbuilding. It reduces the number and the costs for change orders. It significantly reduces the time required from conception to completion. Finally, owners are happier because of only one point of responsibility which eliminates contention between builder and designer.