1-Simple-FrontKugel Construction applies the best value approach with all our customers. Our objective is to provide you with the best value for you. For some customers this means better resale value for their home. For some customers it means more space for their family, and for other customers it’s simple economics providing the function they need for the best price.

Most importantly, in one word, we provide trust. We believe the definition of customer service includes above all else, listening and communication. We will listen to your needs and communicate with you through your project, and we will help you through tough decisions. We’re looking to build relationships and relationships are built on trust.

There are also many ways we provide tangible value we’ve listed a few below:

  • We do our earthwork, utilities, and concrete work in house. This provides a cost savings over outsourcing and it gives our customers one point of control for one of the most critical components of any project.
  • We own and operate a flooring and cabinet division — I-5 Floors N More. This often provides us the ability to purchase and install these products much more economically than our competition.
  • We maintain several experienced carpenters on staff. This provides us more cost control and schedule control of our projects.